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Author Topic: How To Crack A Password Protected PDF File Using PDF Password Recovery Tool  (Read 659 times)


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There is a software called “PDF password recovery tool” which you can use to open any password protected PDF.

This tool will crack the password protected PDF file… but the time it will use to crack the password depends on the strength of the password.

Now, if you want, you can download the PDF password recovery tool here

After download, extract the zip file to a specified folder

Now open the folder you extracted and double-click on “ACMSETUP” to install the tool.

Have you done so? If yes, the software must have been installed on your PC. Double click to open the tool…

Now we’ll have to set how we want our PDF password recovery tool to work by configuring its settings.

If the password are numbers, go to “Range” and click to tick “All digits”. But if it comprises of both digits, lower case and upper case letters, then tick “All caps Latin”, “All lower Latin” .

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Now click on “length” and choose the “Minimum password length” and “Maximum password length”

If you have done so, that means you have configured the tool as should have. Now it’s time to crack the password protected PDF file.

Now click on “Open” and find where the password protected PDF file is and click on it to export it to the tool.

It will ask for a password to the PDF file, but since we don’t know the password, we’ll ignore and click start.

And wait for it to crack the password to the PDF file

Remember: your length of your password will decide the time it will crack the PDF file