Apple set to unveil new iPhones for 2018

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    Apple is expected to unveil a suite of three new iPhones on Wednesday from the Steve Jobs Auditorium in Cupertino, Calif., a long-awaited moment for consumers and investors alike.

    The new flagship model, rumored to be called the iPhone Xs, is expected to be similar to the current iPhone X model but boast upgrades like a faster processor, upgraded camera, and in a new color, gold. The price is likely to be the same as the current flagship X model’s $999, which had shattered consumer standards for how much a high-end phone should cost.

    The biggest iPhone ever is also expected to be unveiled, rumored to have a massive 6.5-inch screen. This is an inch bigger than the current iPhone 8 Plus. According to Bloomberg, it’s rumored to be called the iPhone Xs Max. It’s expected that the price tag could be as high as $1,200.

    Apple also is likely to announce a revamping of its “budget” offerings. An “iPhone Xr,” that could cost between $699 and $749 is rumored — the cost of a flagship model a few years ago.

    This phone is expected to use aluminum instead of steel and an LCD screen instead of the more expensive OLED displays featured in the higher end iPhones. OLED screens don’t require any backlights like LCDs do and are higher quality, but the LCD is cheaper. The model will likely come in more colors than previously offered, and dummy leaks in colors like blue and red have emerged.

    As iPhone sales growth has flagged thanks to a changing mobile phone landscape, the rise of prices for Apple phones has stepped in to keep handsets as the key moneymaker for the world’s most valuable company. With the added importance of the iPhone to Apple’s bottom line, the on-sale date is expected to be closer to Wednesday’s announcement date to capitalize on consumer excitement.

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