How To Enable 4G Only Mode on Infinix Note 4 And Other LTE Device

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    If you are using the Infinix Note 4, you will discover that it doesn't have a 4G Only mode and that's bad for Nigerians because our service is not strong enough.

    So below is a simple solution for any Android users who'd like to enable the 4G only on their smart phone.

    To make this work, you'll need to enable the developer mode.
    And how do you enable the developer mode? Simply by going to phone settings >>> click "about phone" >>> tap on "build number" 4 times to activate the developer mode.
    After that, dial *#9646633# to launch Telephony.
    Scroll down and Locate the "network selecting" options.
    Select sim you want and set the preferred network mode to "4G only".

    And you have successfully activated the 4G only option...

    You can now browse with full speed and all the 4G network has to offer.

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